Text 4 Reviews allows clients to text in feedback, reviews or a rating of your business or service. See reviews in your Inbox, immediately. Post signs or print instructions on a receipt inviting customers to text in a rating from 1 to 5 – worst to best and encourage them to include additional details about what they did or didn’t like about their experience. These incoming messages will be delivered to the Inbox on your TextMonster dashboard. Customer feedback is the perfect way to see what you are doing right and target the areas in which you can improve.

For example, a restaurant owner can use Text 4 Reviews to let patrons rate their server. Print the basics on the check and have the server explain how it works when they deliver the bill to the table. Have the customer include the servers name and rate their overall experience from 1 to 5, the higher the rating the better. Offer incentives to your servers for achieving all 5 star ratings.

Example of receipt text: 

Your server is James. Rate the service you received from James today!

Text 720-555-1212 with your servers name and a 1-5 start rating. (1 is awful, 5 is excellent)

Share details about what made your experience great or disappointing.

Possible Rewards

  1. An all five star day earns the server an extra 10 min break during his/her next shift.
  2. 5 five star days could enter them into a drawing for a gift card.
  3. 10 five star days could be a monetary reward of $20 on their next paycheck.

Be creative and think of incentives that will keep morale high with your employees. Happy employees are productive employees and they are the ones that make your customers happy and keep them coming back to your business!

If the server knows they will earn something from the review they will encourage their customers to pull out the phone and send a text right away. They will also be more conscious of their attitude throughout the visit ensuring that they earn the five star rating.