Use text 2 vote to run a contest, tally votes, and pick a winner. Text to vote can be used in many settings: schools, talent contests, new product search, picking a design, and many, many others.

The Text Monster text to vote feature is simple to use, create a word for each option the users can vote for and then tell them the number to send their vote to.

Sample Text 2 Vote Campaign

What is your favorite menu item: Taco, Burrito, Enchilada, or Chimi? Text your answer to 318-555-1212

A customer then texts Taco to 318-55-1212 and gets a message back saying, “Your vote for Tacos has been counted! Watch for text coupons and special offers on all our Taco combinations!

Another customer texts Chimi to 318-555-1212 and gets your custom message, “Your vote for Chimis has been counted! Stay tuned for special discount offers on our best Chimi meals!”

The Tally

Each customer texts in for their favorite item and the system captures each number, giving you a total count of the number of contacts that text in to each word. Now you have targeted lists set up telling you which client base is most likely to use special offers on each menu item.

Combine with Text to Win

In this scenario you may also choose to add in a contest to increase the number of votes. Your advertisement might say:

  • Text us your favorite menu item and be entered for your chance to win a free meal for two! Text Taco, Burrito, Enchilada, or Chimi to 318-555-1212 to vote and be entered to win!
  • At the end of the contest use the Random Select feature to choose an overall winner, or a winner from each group!

Other Uses

Text to vote is popular in schools. Use it for talent shows, votes for senior trip options, or any classroom project where you want the students to vote for a favorite.

Churches use text to vote to choose activities, musical numbers, event dates, and much more.

Retail businesses use text to vote to find which products their customers like best, or to see which products they are considering carrying that the customer would most like to see added.