Use the message scheduler to create and save messages you want to send out ahead of time; no need to login every time you are sending a message. The message scheduler is a calendar feature that will let you set up one-time scheduled messages or recurring messages to your sms group text list. Recurring messages can be set up to go out on a specific day of the week, specific dates within a month, or at specified intervals throughout the month.

3 Simple Examples of Scheduled Bulk Texts

  1. A restaurant does a weekly lunch special that changes every week and they want to send a text every Monday at 10:00 telling customers what the weekly special is. Using the message scheduler they can have the message set up weeks in advance so that the manager doesn’t have to login and type the message every Monday morning. The messages are saved on the calendar and go out every Monday at 10:00 to the contact list.
  2. A elementary school has an early-release time every Wednesday, they want to ensure the safety of all children at the school so they’ll text a reminder to parents on Wednesday mornings reminding them that the school day will end early and they need to make arrangements for their students to be picked up. If the message is the same every time, the message can be set up to go out weekly on the same day of the week, at a specified time, i.e. Wednesday at 9:00 am. This can be set to go to a specific group of contacts, i.e. the parent group.
  3. A company needs to reminder employees on a certain day of the month to submit their hours to payroll. If they need to receive this information by midnight on the 1st and 15th of every month they could schedule a recurring text to be sent at 10:00 am on the 1st and 15th of every month, reminding employees to submit their payroll hours by midnight.

As you can see, there are many different scenarios in which a business or organization may want to use the message scheduler to schedule a bulk text message to their list of contacts. The calendar feature Text Monster uses is very robust and makes it easy to schedule messages to a group of contacts or to your entire list.