Sequential messages provide a way to send additional auto responder messages to your clients in a time-based sequence. Sequential messages are ideal for those clients that need a reminder every 30 days, 2 weeks, etc. after they first join your list. If your customer bought a 30 day supply of your product you may want to remind them in 25 days that it’s time to order their next 30 day supply. These sequential messages are different from scheduled messages because they don’t go to your entire list at the same time, they only go to the contacts that are exactly 25 days past their opt-in date. The message may go out to a different list of people everyday, if you have people buying the product daily. The bulk text may go out to 5 people today and 25 tomorrow; when they get the message will depend on when they were added to the list.

Let’s look at some other ways that a business could use sequential messaging for their text marketing. Sequential messages can be used as a loyalty text incentive. For instance, a bagel shop has people text in to get a free bagel and join their text campaign. They may send a coupon or special announcement every couple of weeks to keep their brand name fresh but every 60 days they want to “reward” the people that are part of the VIP text club. So, they give them a free bagel every 60 days – in addition to other promotions! With sequential messaging they can set up a free bagel offer to go out at 60 days, 120 days, 180 days, etc. This is a great way to keep the customers happy but not have an influx of 1000 people all wanting a free bagel on the same day. By having the message go out only to those that are exactly 60, 120, or 180 days after opt-in you may have 20 a day that will get the free bagel text – much more manageable!


The Bagel Shop puts out a sign that says “Text freebagel to 702-555-1212 to join our text list and receive a FREE Bagel!”

Auto Responder: The first message they get back is the auto responder, this goes out immediately when they send the first text in. The Bagel Shop has an auto responder saying, “Thank you for joining our VIP Text Club – Show this message to get your FREE bagel. Offer good for 5 days.”

Sequential Message 1: set to go out after 60 days. If the contact above sent the first text on Oct. 1st. They’ll get the first sequential message on, or about Dec. 1st. This message could say something like, “Thank you for being a valued customers and member of our VIP Text Club! Show this message to get a free bagel! Offer valid for 5 days.”

Sequential Message 2: set to go out after 120 days. This one goes out to our example customer on, or about Feb. 1st and may say, “Can you believe you’ve been a VIP Text Club member for 4 months?! Let’s celebrate! Come in today for your FREE bagel! Offer valid for 5 days.”

Sequential Message 3: set to go out after 180 days. On April 1st your 3rd sequential message will be sent. “To celebrate your 6 month membership in our VIP Text Club we’re offering a free bagel to you AND a friend! Show this message within 5 days to redeem. Invite your friend to join the club for their own special text offers!

There are numerous ways to use sequential messages, get creative and make your text marketing unique!