The web based dashboard makes it possible to send a message from anywhere. Use a mobile device, tablet, or PC to login to your account through a web browser. To send a message, select your contacts, load a template or type in your message, and click Send. Even if you’re on vacation in the Caribbean, as long as you have a device with Internet access, you can send your bulk text messages. There is nothing to download or install.

Example 1

It’s Monday morning, I was supposed to be home last night but my flight was delayed, then rerouted. Now I’m sitting in an airport waiting for my connecting flight to get me home when I remember, “It’s Monday – I need to send out the weekly text special!” Luckily, I’m in an airport with free WiFi access, I pull out my phone, login to my Text Monster dashboard and quickly type out my message and click Send. The Monday special is now on it’s way to our regular customer list!

Example 2

I’m at a business meeting in Chicago. I just got checked into my hotel room and need to send an update to the employees that are traveling with me, to let them know about a schedule change for the meetings the following day. I pull out my phone and realize the battery is dead. I grab my laptop and of course I can’t get the WiFi to connect. I need the text to go out now, so I head to the business center and quickly pull up a web browser to login to my Text Monster account. Two minutes later my message has been sent to the group of employees traveling with me.