How to text

Texting customers has become an increasingly popular way for businesses and organizations to communicate with clients. This is largely due to how quick it is to reach people but also because text message is the preferred method of contact for many. There are a multitude of ways to use texting to reach your customers but the top three are: Customer Service, Appointment Reminders, and Marketing. With TextMonster, you can send text messages to your customers from your own local phone number. Customers can also text in for you to be able to respond to.


  • Sign up for a free trial account or sign up to get access to a 10-digit number.
  • If you have customer phone numbers & permission to text them, you may import those numbers into your Contacts section of your dashboard. If you do not have customer numbers, you will start gathering opt-ins to your contact base. This can be done in various ways, depending on your business type.
  • Send out messages periodically and continually grow your contact list. You can 2-way text customers from any device (cell phone, tablet, computer).

Please note, your local phone number can text a maximum of 200 contacts or texts per day. In order to send more messages than that, you will need additional numbers. Each additional number costs $5/month and can facilitate an additional 200 texts per day. Another option is to use a Short-Code text messaging provider. Short-code does not have a daily limit restriction on messages but not all businesses are approved to use short-code messaging. Those businesses are, Marijuana Dispensaries & Adult Clubs. In that case you would have to use long-code for your customer texting needs.

The other differences between short-code & long-code:

Longcode: 10-Digit Local Phone Number ex: 920-323-3344 I Send up to 200 messages /day. Two way text messaging enabled.
Shortcode: 5-6 Digit Shortened Phone Number ex: 21000 I No limit on messages /day.

If you aren’t sure which use would be best for you, reach out to us and we can help you identify the best text marketing platform for your needs.