Message templates are messages stored on your account. Quickly load a message template to send the message to an individual or group, without typing it out every time.  Message templates are very handy in a number of different scenarios:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Recurring special offers
  • Meeting reminders
  • Open enrollment period
  • License renewal

Example Message Template

Appointment reminder:

Here is an example of an appointment reminder message template: You have an dentist appointment with Dr. Brown tomorrow at . Please call 662-555-1212 if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

When you load the template all you need to do is fill in the exact appointment time for that number and then click Send. Simple!

Monthly Special

A retail store may have a special offer the first of every month, they could save a message template for this text: It’s the first of the month! Visit The Retail Outlet this week and take 20% off any item! Also, check out our new clearance items! See you soon.

Quarterly Company Meetings

A group of employees are required to attend a quarterly meeting. Set up a message template to send out the day before the meeting, “Reminder: ABC Company’s quarterly meeting will be held tomorrow morning at 10:00 am in conference room A. You’re attendance is required, contact your supervisor if you cannot attend this meeting.”

Insurance Open Enrollment Period

Most insurance companies have an open enrollment period during which employees can make adjustments to their insurance plan. Having a saved message template will make it easy for the HR director to quickly send a mass text to all employees reminding them of the open enrollment period. “The company annual health insurance open enrollment dates are Nov 1st-21st. Please contact Susan in HR at 714-555-1212 to signup or make any changes to your plan; or logon at to update or make changes.”