Can I Import Numbers to the Software?

Yes, if you have permission to text the individuals who have that number you can add them. If the person did not give you permission – do not add them.

How Can I Get More Contacts?

There are many ways to get new contacts to text. First, you can create a Keyword group and then put the instructions on any advertising, flyers, in-store, Facebook, etc. Second, you can create a signup sheet in your place of business for people to signup and then you could add them to your list. Get creative in your place of business or website or social media.

How Many Messages Can I Send Per Day?

We recommend not sending more than 200 messages from any long code number on your account. This is due to the carriers spam filters to prevent commercial uses on long code numbers. We have a number rotation technology that will spread contacts across the numbers in your account – for example – if you have 1000 contacts – we recommend you have 5 numbers in your account. Then when you send to your list – it will send 200 from each of the 5 numbers.

How Many Times Should I Text Customers?

This will depend on your business type. If you have a frequent customer return rate – you might send a weekly special. We usually recommend 4-5 times per month to your entire list.

What are Keywords?

A Keyword is basically a list that you can create on your long code number. If people text that keyword to the long code number – they will be added to that specific list and receive the associated auto-response text back. For example, you might tell people: Text “SPECIALS” to 212-555-1212 to receive our weekly deals! In this scenario – the keyword is SPECIALS.

What is a Long Code?

A “long code” is any 10 digit phone number. We use long codes for our text message software to allow for two way SMS.

What is Number Rotation?

Number rotation is our system that sends from multiple numbers in your account to prevent any flags by the carrier for spam. We recommend having 1 number for every 200 contacts to prevent any flags.