2 way texting means you can carry on a conversation with an individual person through your Text Monster phone number. When you send out your weekly special and someone replies asking what time the store closes you can reply to them directly with store hours. If someone texts in asking if you have a specific item in stock, you can reply to them directly letting them know what you have and even ask if they’d like you to hold one for them.


You send out a mass text saying: “Today only take 50% off any item in stock at The Barn! Show this message to redeem, can’t be combined with any other offer.”

  • A customer replies saying: “I need a pair of Ashley boots in girls size 8, do you have any in stock?”
  • You check the inventory and can then reply direct to that customer with: “Yes! We have 3 pair left in stock, I can hold a pair for you until 5:00 pm, would you like me to do that?”
  • Customer replies: “Yes, please! I’ll be in about 3:30 to pick them up!”
  • Your reply: “Great!! What name would you like me to hold those under?”
  • Customer replies: “Jane Brown. Thank you so much!”
  • Your reply: “Thank you, Jane. We’ll see you at 3:30. Go to the Customer Service desk to pick up the hold.”

With two-way texting you can really keep and build personal relationships with your customers. Being engaged with your customers is a great way to ensure they are happy with your product/service and keep them coming back!


Two-way messaging is essential for appointment scheduling. Ask customers to reply to confirm their appointment or cancel if they can’t make it. You can then text them one-on-one to work out the best day and time to meet their needs.

This is also a great way to let customers know about openings in your schedule, they can then reply to the message and reserve an open slot, immediately.