Text 2 win is a very popular feature to use for gathering subscribers. It can get costly to give away a free item to every person that texts in! Using a text 2 win campaign can be just as effective and you are only giving away the free item to a limited number of customers.


Run a giveaway or sweepstakes offer for a chance to win a $20 gift card, pizza for a year, or a free iPad! Think of something that will be of value to your customers and have them text in to enter. Every number that texts in is added to your contact list so you can send them specials or promotional offers.

Set a specific time frame to accept entries; at the end of the contest you’ll use the Random Select feature on the dashboard to choose a winner.

Picking a Winner

With the random select feature you choose the number of winners you want it to pick and the keyword you want the numbers to be drawn from. You then type in the winning text you want the winner to receive. The winning text will be sent immediately to the numbers that are picked at random by the system.

Sample of a Winning Text

“Congrats! You are the winner of The Pet Store’s $20 gift card. Show this text at the customer service desk to claim your prize. Must pick up within 7 days!”