Use text messaging to tell your customers about a new product! You don’t have to send a coupon of discount in every message. If you have a new product that customers have been waiting for, send out a text letting them know that the product is now available. Sure, you post it on your social media accounts but by the time your message is threaded in with the hundreds of other updates, how many of your customers actually see your post? When you send a text message, you know every person is going to at least open and read that message!

Example New Product Text

  • You asked for it, and we listened! New this week at the Yogurt Shoppe we have Peppermint Mocha! Other holiday favorites include Pumpkin Spice, and Iced Sugar Cookie! Come in for your favorite flavor today!

Not only are you telling them about the new flavor but you can remind them about other specials that you have as well. Sending the text message brings brand awareness and gets people thinking about your product!

You customer forwards the message to her friend whom she knows LOVES all things Peppermint Mocha – they come in together and the next thing you know, the friend is asking how she can get on the text list to hear about new specialty flavors!

Gather Info

In your text you can also ask customers what other products they would like you to carry – those replies can be seen in your inbox.

If you want to run a contest and have people vote for their favorite item, check out the Text Monster Text to Vote feature.