Text 4 Reviews allows clients to text in feedback, reviews or a rating of your business or service. See reviews in your Inbox, immediately. Post signs or print instructions on a receipt inviting customers to text in a rating from 1 to 5 – worst to best and encourage them to include additional details about what they did or didn’t like about their experience. These incoming messages will be delivered to the Inbox on your TextMonster dashboard. Customer feedback is the perfect way to see what you are doing right and target the areas in which you can improve.

For example, a restaurant owner can use Text 4 Reviews to let patrons rate their server. Print the basics on the check and have the server explain how it works when they deliver the bill to the table. Have the customer include the servers name and rate their overall experience from 1 to 5, the higher the rating the better. Offer incentives to your servers for achieving all 5 star ratings.

Example of receipt text: 

Your server is James. Rate the service you received from James today!

Text 720-555-1212 with your servers name and a 1-5 start rating. (1 is awful, 5 is excellent)

Share details about what made your experience great or disappointing.

Possible Rewards

  1. An all five star day earns the server an extra 10 min break during his/her next shift.
  2. 5 five star days could enter them into a drawing for a gift card.
  3. 10 five star days could be a monetary reward of $20 on their next paycheck.

Be creative and think of incentives that will keep morale high with your employees. Happy employees are productive employees and they are the ones that make your customers happy and keep them coming back to your business!

If the server knows they will earn something from the review they will encourage their customers to pull out the phone and send a text right away. They will also be more conscious of their attitude throughout the visit ensuring that they earn the five star rating.


The alternate message is a secondary auto responder message that you can choose to have returned to a person that texts into a keyword more than once. This is a great way to help prevent coupon fraud and multiple redemption, by one person, of a free offer.


The Bagel Shop is giving away a free bagel to new text subscribers. When a customer texts the word Bagel to their phone number they will get an auto responder back:

  • Thanks for joining our VIP Text Club! Show this message for 1 free bagel.

What a great day! The customer is in the store, shows the message to get the free bagel and it on his merry way. Next week, he visits the same store and sees the sign again, “Another free bagel,” he thinks. So he texts the word Bagel to the number again. Only this time he gets back the alternate message:

  • Thank you for being a part of of VIP Text Club. Watch for future specials and offers coming soon!

The alternate message prevents the same person from repeatedly getting your coupon offer over and over.

Other uses

The alternate message can also be left blank so that if someone is texting in to a specific word repeatedly, possibly to try and increase the number of votes for a particular person or item, the system will check to see if the number is already in that group and will not return the auto responder every time – saving you a lot of wasted messages for multiple votes that wouldn’t have been counted anyway.


Use text 2 vote to run a contest, tally votes, and pick a winner. Text to vote can be used in many settings: schools, talent contests, new product search, picking a design, and many, many others.

The Text Monster text to vote feature is simple to use, create a word for each option the users can vote for and then tell them the number to send their vote to.

Sample Text 2 Vote Campaign

What is your favorite menu item: Taco, Burrito, Enchilada, or Chimi? Text your answer to 318-555-1212

A customer then texts Taco to 318-55-1212 and gets a message back saying, “Your vote for Tacos has been counted! Watch for text coupons and special offers on all our Taco combinations!

Another customer texts Chimi to 318-555-1212 and gets your custom message, “Your vote for Chimis has been counted! Stay tuned for special discount offers on our best Chimi meals!”

The Tally

Each customer texts in for their favorite item and the system captures each number, giving you a total count of the number of contacts that text in to each word. Now you have targeted lists set up telling you which client base is most likely to use special offers on each menu item.

Combine with Text to Win

In this scenario you may also choose to add in a contest to increase the number of votes. Your advertisement might say:

  • Text us your favorite menu item and be entered for your chance to win a free meal for two! Text Taco, Burrito, Enchilada, or Chimi to 318-555-1212 to vote and be entered to win!
  • At the end of the contest use the Random Select feature to choose an overall winner, or a winner from each group!

Other Uses

Text to vote is popular in schools. Use it for talent shows, votes for senior trip options, or any classroom project where you want the students to vote for a favorite.

Churches use text to vote to choose activities, musical numbers, event dates, and much more.

Retail businesses use text to vote to find which products their customers like best, or to see which products they are considering carrying that the customer would most like to see added.


Text for info is a campaign designed for customers to get a one-time auto responder message. This is perfect if you don’t plan to continue marketing to these people but you need them to get something right away: a download link, a registration page, etc.

Sending information is fast and efficient. No one wants to write down a lot of information and then wait until you have time to enter all the information and send them back the materials they are waiting for. Cut out all the middle man stuff and have them text a keyword that you tell them to your phone number and the system will immediately return the auto responder message you have set up for that keyword.


You just released an app and you want to announce the release and send the download link to your users. Use your Text Monster account to set up the keyword you want them to text and the auto responder message with the link to the download. Then advertise far and wide: New App 2000 just released! Text Download to 212-555-1212 for your immediate, free download!

Every person that texts in will get back your custom auto responder message.

Sample Auto Responder

Be among the first users of the New App 2000. Use this link for the free Apple download: https://goo.gl/ADA1AX or this link for a free Android download: https://goo.gl/8RNA6S.

*Make sure you use the link that goes direct to your app’s download page.

Other Uses of Text For Info

Text for info can also be used to get quick info to your customers. Have them text Hours to your phone number to get your business hours, or Address to your number to get your business address. The possibilities are endless!


Text appointment reminders to your customers to reduce no shows! A text message is the fastest, most direct method of reaching the majority of people today. Many people don’t check email or pick up a phone call  – some don’t even have voicemail set up! So how do you get in touch with them?  Send them a text!

Text marketing statistics show: 

  • 98% of text messages are read
  • 90% of texts are read within 3 mins

At the end of business on Monday, send a text message to all clients with a Tuesday morning appointment to remind them. Then, on Tuesday morning send a text to all your afternoon clients to remind them about the upcoming appointment.

With Text Monster appointment reminders you can send a batch message to all next-day clients with a general reminder of an upcoming appointment, or you can schedule individual appointment reminders with the name of the client and their exact appointment time.

Text Monster has a message template option to save those frequently used messages, so you don’t have to type the message out every time. There is also a full scheduler feature that allows you to schedule the messages as far in advance as you want.

Customize the text appointment reminders by scheduling the message when the customer sets their appointment reminder. Ask them if they’d like a text reminder about the appointment. Add their phone number and schedule the reminder to go out at the time that is best for them: day before, day of, etc.


Text 2 win is a very popular feature to use for gathering subscribers. It can get costly to give away a free item to every person that texts in! Using a text 2 win campaign can be just as effective and you are only giving away the free item to a limited number of customers.


Run a giveaway or sweepstakes offer for a chance to win a $20 gift card, pizza for a year, or a free iPad! Think of something that will be of value to your customers and have them text in to enter. Every number that texts in is added to your contact list so you can send them specials or promotional offers.

Set a specific time frame to accept entries; at the end of the contest you’ll use the Random Select feature on the dashboard to choose a winner.

Picking a Winner

With the random select feature you choose the number of winners you want it to pick and the keyword you want the numbers to be drawn from. You then type in the winning text you want the winner to receive. The winning text will be sent immediately to the numbers that are picked at random by the system.

Sample of a Winning Text

“Congrats! You are the winner of The Pet Store’s $20 gift card. Show this text at the customer service desk to claim your prize. Must pick up within 7 days!”



Use text messaging to tell your customers about a new product! You don’t have to send a coupon of discount in every message. If you have a new product that customers have been waiting for, send out a text letting them know that the product is now available. Sure, you post it on your social media accounts but by the time your message is threaded in with the hundreds of other updates, how many of your customers actually see your post? When you send a text message, you know every person is going to at least open and read that message!

Example New Product Text

  • You asked for it, and we listened! New this week at the Yogurt Shoppe we have Peppermint Mocha! Other holiday favorites include Pumpkin Spice, and Iced Sugar Cookie! Come in for your favorite flavor today!

Not only are you telling them about the new flavor but you can remind them about other specials that you have as well. Sending the text message brings brand awareness and gets people thinking about your product!

You customer forwards the message to her friend whom she knows LOVES all things Peppermint Mocha – they come in together and the next thing you know, the friend is asking how she can get on the text list to hear about new specialty flavors!

Gather Info

In your text you can also ask customers what other products they would like you to carry – those replies can be seen in your inbox.

If you want to run a contest and have people vote for their favorite item, check out the Text Monster Text to Vote feature.


Slow day marketing using text messaging is a great way to get people into your store within minutes. Text message statistics show that 90% of texts are read within 3 mins. If you have a list of 200 people that subscribe to get your mobile coupons and specials you can login, send a message, and have 90% of them see that message within as little as 5 minutes.

Slow Day Marketing Message Ideas

  • The Barn: Flash sale – today only! 50% off a single item, or 20% off your entire purchase. This deal won’t last long. We’re open until 6:00 pm. 8843 Main Street. Come on down!
  • We can hear your stomach rumbling, over here at the Pizza House. Come in before 3:00 pm to get a free appetizer with any meal purchase. Lunch specials start at just $4.99.
  • Rainy day blues? At The Stadium theater we have you covered. Buy any movie ticket before 6:00 pm and get a second ticket free. Valid today only.
  • Forecast predicts 10 days of sunshine, wash off the mud and muck from the rain at Quick Clean Car Wash. Get $2 off any wash. Valid today thru Sunday!

There are countless options for slow day text marketing.


Mobile coupons are the easiest way to keep your customers coming back. You have a restaurant near a high school and do a daily lunch special, send a text 20 minutes before they release for lunch telling them the special of the day. All those hungry students trying to decide what to have for lunch will have your business on their mind and your special mobile coupon offer right in their hand.

Whether you have a picture coupon that you want to send, or just a simple text message coupon, you can send it direct to all subscribers on your list in a matter of seconds. Too many businesses are still mailing out coupons or adding them in a local coupon book, how many people do you know that will take the time to cut out a paper coupon and carry it with them? Even if they do, how likely is it that they will remember they have your coupon and use it?

The one thing that the majority of people always have in their hand, or pocket, or purse, is their phone. Mobile phone statistics show that the average person checks their phone 150 times per day!! Statistics also show that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. There is no other medium that can get your coupon into your customers hands this quickly.

Examples of Mobile Coupons

  • Today only, at Charlie’s Deli get two full size sandwiches and two large drinks for just $4 between 11 am and 1 pm. Must show text to redeem. Choose from any sandwich on our lunch menu.
  • Summer blowout sale!! Visit The Chic Boutique for buy one get one free on all summer shirts and buy one get one half off an all sandals. Sale is running all week! Hours are 10 am to 6 pm Mon-Sat! See you there!
  • Friday night date night! Get two free drinks at The Steak House, when you purchase two entrees. Valid Friday and Saturday night. Call to schedule your reservation.