Text for info is a campaign designed for customers to get a one-time auto responder message. This is perfect if you don’t plan to continue marketing to these people but you need them to get something right away: a download link, a registration page, etc.

Sending information is fast and efficient. No one wants to write down a lot of information and then wait until you have time to enter all the information and send them back the materials they are waiting for. Cut out all the middle man stuff and have them text a keyword that you tell them to your phone number and the system will immediately return the auto responder message you have set up for that keyword.


You just released an app and you want to announce the release and send the download link to your users. Use your Text Monster account to set up the keyword you want them to text and the auto responder message with the link to the download. Then advertise far and wide: New App 2000 just released! Text Download to 212-555-1212 for your immediate, free download!

Every person that texts in will get back your custom auto responder message.

Sample Auto Responder

Be among the first users of the New App 2000. Use this link for the free Apple download: https://goo.gl/ADA1AX or this link for a free Android download: https://goo.gl/8RNA6S.

*Make sure you use the link that goes direct to your app’s download page.

Other Uses of Text For Info

Text for info can also be used to get quick info to your customers. Have them text Hours to your phone number to get your business hours, or Address to your number to get your business address. The possibilities are endless!