Use text to capture email addresses. This is the easiest way to collect an email address from your client/customer. When an email address is the first thing in an incoming message the system will automatically save it, along with the contact phone number, in your contact list. You can then export the list to use with your email provider.

Why would you need an email address if you have their phone number and can text them?

Increase open rate of email

Some businesses need to send out emails with forms, documents, newsletters, a pdf of the full monthly ad, etc. However, if you can send a quick text letting your contact list know to look for the email and what action is required by them, it will greatly increase how many people open and read the email. Using Text Monster you can gather both their phone number and email address in one system.

Share a presentation

Live presenters often have a book, pamphlet, or other document that they would like to give to attendees at the event. Instead of putting a lengthy url and instructions for the download up on a screen, where people have to try and copy the information down, simply have the attendees text their email address to your phone number. They send one simple text and you collect their email address and phone number at the same time. You can then export that list directly from the Text Monster dashboard.