Text appointment reminders to your customers to reduce no shows! A text message is the fastest, most direct method of reaching the majority of people today. Many people don’t check email or pick up a phone call  – some don’t even have voicemail set up! So how do you get in touch with them?  Send them a text!

Text marketing statistics show: 

  • 98% of text messages are read
  • 90% of texts are read within 3 mins

At the end of business on Monday, send a text message to all clients with a Tuesday morning appointment to remind them. Then, on Tuesday morning send a text to all your afternoon clients to remind them about the upcoming appointment.

With Text Monster appointment reminders you can send a batch message to all next-day clients with a general reminder of an upcoming appointment, or you can schedule individual appointment reminders with the name of the client and their exact appointment time.

Text Monster has a message template option to save those frequently used messages, so you don’t have to type the message out every time. There is also a full scheduler feature that allows you to schedule the messages as far in advance as you want.

Customize the text appointment reminders by scheduling the message when the customer sets their appointment reminder. Ask them if they’d like a text reminder about the appointment. Add their phone number and schedule the reminder to go out at the time that is best for them: day before, day of, etc.