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Lowest cost text messaging for businesses, organizations and more using a ten-digit local phone number.

What Numbers Can You Text

Gather phone numbers from your customers. This can be done at checkout, printed instructions, your website, social media, & so on. If you already have a list of customer numbers, you can add them to your contacts.

Organize Your Contacts

Create separate groups for your customers, employees, VIP’s.. or whatever fits your needs. Message all of your contacts or just specific groups in minutes. Text customers a special and then employees a meeting reminder in just a couple of clicks.

Utilize the Power of Text

Since 98% of all texts are opened, the odds of your message being seen are better with text vs. any other marketing. Use that opportunity to promote products, specials, or send appointment reminders. The sky’s the limit here!

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Lowest cost text message marketing in the industry. No contracts or hidden fees.

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What is Text Monster

We are a long code text messaging service. We have the technology for businesses, organizations, and schools to communicate with your contacts via text message. Long code simply means a regular 10-digit phone number. In text marketing, there are 2 ways to send mass messages: Long Code - 10 digit local phone number such as 920-747-7789 | Short Code - 5-6 digit short number such us 21000 With long code texting, you'll have your own 10-digit local number to send and receive texts from your customers/contacts but you're limited to sending a maximum of 200 messages a day. If you need to be able to send more messages than that, you can either buy additional 10-digit long code numbers or you can use a short code provider. Short code is not limited in how many messages can be sent in a day. We don't provide short code services but our partner company, TXT180.com is a trusted source for short code text messaging. Click here to visit their site.

Text Messaging for Businesses Located in USA or Canada

Get a local phone number to communicate with customers. Long code messaging is the only way for high risk businesses such as marijuana dispensaries and adult clubs to utilize text message marketing as these are prohibited on short codes.

  • 2-Way Customer Communication via Text Message
  • 10-Digit Local Phone Number
  • Unlimited Keywords & Groups
  • Text groups or individuals in seconds

Text Customers from any device

Our text messaging system works with the devices you use every day. Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent later. Text messaging is the quickest way to reach people. With a 98% open rate, there’s no other form of marketing that can offer those results. It’s no secret that few leave home without their cell phone so put the power of technology to work for you and communicate via text message.


Our Features

Automated Marketing

Set up messages in advance and let the software do the rest.

Cost Effective

Pay as you go and cancel anytime.

Instant Marketing

90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.

Easy to Learn

You don’t have to be tech savvy to learn our system.

Free Support

Our support staff is here to help you every step of the way via phone, email or live chat.

Best Results

98% of all text messages are opened. There’s no other marketing that can offer those kinds of results.

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There’s never been a better time to start text message marketing. 89% of consumers would like to use text messaging to communicate with businesses.

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